Mattress Cleaning Tips

mattress cleaning tips

16 Mar Mattress Cleaning Tips

Here’s some mattress cleaning tips from the professionals at Mattress Doctor Australia. We recommend a professional cleaner every 12 months but here are a few tips to keep your mattress as good as new.

Vacuum your mattress regularly

This will help keep your mattress clean from excessive buildup of dirt and bugs. If your mattress happens to get wet, a regular vacuum means less dirt particles which could cause stains or odour.

Use an organic upholstery cleaner

As this is being used on your mattress, it’s important that you use a cleaner that is not going to irritate your skin. An upholstery cleaner is gentler as it is produced for surfaces that are in constant contact with your skin (such as a lounge). It’s a great way to clean your mattress unless you are overly sensitive to household cleaners.

Use an abrasive sponge when cleaning your mattress to help with stain removal.

Upholstery Cleaners also have the added bonus of being able to kill dust mites in their tracks.

Enzyme Cleaners for Mattress Cleaning

If you have stains in your mattress, the best way to get lessen them them is by breaking down the actual structure of the stain itself. Enzyme cleaners have the benefit of being non-toxic and will generally clean better that toxic detergents

If you’re looking for a professional mattress cleaner, contact Mattress Doctor Australia via our contact form. Or call 1300 387 864

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